Chanakya Neeti

This blog is dedicated to Ideas and Ideology of Acharya Chanakya. Here you will find inspirational, motivational, and spiritual Quotes with potential to transform your life. The thing that differentiates Chanakya Neeti from other spiritual literature is its philosophy of being practical. Without doubt it offers you the wisdom necessary to win in this world and also in the world beyond. I am not asking you to trust any of the words stated above. Spend a few minute on this blog and experience it by yourself.

Vidur Niti

The Book Vidur Niti holds the record of conversation that took place between Mahatma Vidur (Counsellor) and his brother Dhritarashtra (King) before the great battle of Mahabharata. It is divided into eight chapters and each contains valuable advises, great quotes, and principles of Dharma.

Mahatma Vidur was incarnation of Dharmraj (Yamraj). None could explain Dharma better than Dharmraj himself. The war would have never occurred, but the blind king refused to act.