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Tack Down Tuesday's Series, On-Going

Starting back in May 2010 To challenged myself to create a piece of artwork every Monday afternoon and launch it to my email list on Tuesday mornings. I decided to try this out for three months. Well, you know what happens when you keep something up for longer then three weeks; a habit if formed, a mighty challenging one at times. After the three months I decided to extend it a year and see where it would take me. I realized I had enough images to make a simple calendar, which was a big hit to my collectors. My thoughts are gathered and my response is creativity, like visual journal entries. The Tack Down Tuesday's took on a life of their own. I received comments, that they couldn't wait to see what next Tuesday would bring to their email box. After about two and half years I was getting board with it and decided to stop. That didn't last long-about two months, so many people shared about how they enjoyed it and missed them. Though I was exhausted with them, I had to admit I missed the Monday afternoon's appointment to spill about the day in a creative way. So thus I've started Tack Down Tuesday's up again.

Flashback Series

This series was created to help me deal with my learning disabilities

Women and Nature Series

10 x 30 Clayboard panels with cradle sides. After working with the Faceless People series I decided to add color instead of staying in the gray and my inspiration I receive when walking in the woods begain this series of Women and Nature. Staying with a vertical format which is allows me to work from a different perspective.Prints available, 10 x 30 size

Gray Yellow series

12 x 12, collage on canvas
After a short weekend trip to Door County recently I had the opportunity to spend it walking Lake Michigan shoreline. The days were over cast with some rain, but my inspirations still came from the water, sights, sounds and the rocks stacked along the shore. I am also practicing a "less is more" concept in hopes to explore the interactions with the processes I use already. Change is always happening in our lives, which effects all aspects of our being even ones art. Materials used, stained tissue papers, white lunch bags re purposed with gesso-canvas primer and then acrylics applied. All papers are coated with polymer medium and then fused with heat the canvas surface with a heat seal iron, then sealed with a satin-gloss UV varnish.

All Artwork © Laura Lein-Svencner 2017