Collage Series

I like to work in a series, one to challenge myself, two for discipline and thirdly a curiousity in carrying on a subject matter testing my artistic abilities growing from each series. It feels like I'm giving myself an assignment sometimes and other times I feel I have to work out an idea till I understand and know it well.

Spirit Horse Series

I love the wind, how it feel upon and how it move's all the living things that get swooped up and whirled around and for the year of the horse.

Wabi-Sabi Series

Recently I've been drawn to finding out what Wabi-Sabi means, and that has lead me on journey through some readings and inner understand and still caught in the question, what is Wabi-Sabi? I've been creating after morning journal writing, a session of yoga and then I create an 8 x 8 collage. Trying to allow what ever rises to the surface and allowing it to come out and forward.

Stacking Rock Series

Every year I go up to Door County WI and my favorite part about that trip is to be on the shoreline stacking rock. This series is an exploration of the trip and concept of style.

Red Roof Series

This series started by accident, with my students we did a collabrative project and when I received my piece back I saw a house and I put a red roof on it, I believe it will be one of those on going series and grow as I grow as an artist.

13 Moons

13 Moons is a series inspired by a children's book, Thirteen Moons on Turtle's back A Native American year of moons by Joseph Bruchac and Jonathan London

Faceless People Series

All Artwork © Laura Lein-Svencner 2017